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Mural Purifies Air

Artistic genius in Poland as Warsaw becomes the second city (after Bangkok) to help clean the city's air through art.

Warsaw now features a public art project that also purifies the city's air, as a giant mural made of special, sun-activated, smog-cleaning pigments is unveiled.

Organized by the sportswear company Converse as part of their City-Forests campaign, the mural was created using photocatalytic paint with titanium dioxide that attracts airborne pollutants before converting them into harmless nitrates through a chemical process involving sunlight.

This clever cleansing process reportedly purifies the surrounding air equal to 720 trees, and when the City-Forests campaign is finished across several countries, the murals should be doing the work of 3,000 trees.

The mural covers the side of a building opposite a popular metro stop and features a collection of smiling flowers. Polish artists Maciek Polak and Dawid Ryski designed the image, which was then executed by expert muralists from Good Looking Studio, the local artist hub.

The mural also features the words “Create Together For Tomorrow.” It's designed to be a positive message to inspire change and help welcome people who are returning to their daily commutes after periods of lockdown isolation.

“…for the time being everything has slowed down. At Converse we saw this as an opportunity to speak up and help produce fresh air through painting murals,” said a spokesman.

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