New Airstream: Remote Work Marvel

Covid has closed workplaces and the luckiest among us may never be forced to return to an office again. That’s an intriguing option for people who can suddenly log in from anywhere.

America's most storied and shiny RV brand, Airstream, plans to seize this moment with a brand-new trailer optimized for working on the go.

Called the Flying Cloud 30FB Office, it’s a $107,500, 6,800 pound, 30-foot aluminum trailer that sleeps up to six people. It features a double bedroom, bathroom with shower, three closets, seating and dining area, and a kitchenette. But its biggest twist is the addition of a (mobile) home office - a space made possible thanks to a completely overhauled floor plan.

The trailer has a back room with space for a built-in desk and a couple of windows so you don't miss out on the distracting views. It’s wrapped in sound-absorbent walls, complete with a Zoom-friendly neutral backdrop.

Overhead storage cabinets can hold supplies, but you can also write directly onto them with dry erase marker, like a makeshift whiteboard. A one-person bed can be pulled out for after hours (or, sure, during the workday; we’re not judging).

The desk features easy-to-reach USB ports and power outlets, whilst an antenna on the roof keeps an internet signal for your onboard Wi-Fi. You can even add rooftop solar panels for those times you want to recharge off the grid.

Ohio-based Airstream has been on a roll for the past few years as millennials are attracted to the Instagram-friendly silver campers and the possibility of working on the road. But 2020 proved exceptional for the brand. As quarantine began, trailer purchases followed. Airstream dealership sales were up 22% in 2020 as it courted new customers; 46% of its sales last year were to first-time RV buyers.

Airstream does not believe the digital nomad trend is going away anytime soon.



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