New Desalination Concept

Dubai start-up finds a way to produce fresh water from the ocean without electricity.

Manhat's device is a breakthrough that could change the way clean water and food are produced. Water desalination of seawater is the current method used worldwide to address water scarcity, especially in areas where fresh water is unavailable. However, it is an energy-intensive process that creates waste brine that goes back into the ocean, risking marine life.

Manhat uses a proprietary natural water distillation system that uses solar power and efficiently captures ocean water evaporation on the surface. It works by condensing the water vapour when the temperature drops at night, and then the freshwater gets collected in a can.

The evaporation method produces no waste and can be performed without electricity, and does not generate any carbon emissions or produce toxic by-products like brine. Founder and CEO Dr Saeed Alhassan says that he wants to harness this technology to build floating farms, using the fresh water collected to irrigate and grow crops at the source.

As with many such innovative ideas, Manhat is now seeking funding to demonstrate its technology at scale with a large floating farm.

Want to learn more? Here's Manhat's video: