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New Game: Artle

New daily game that's like Wordle, but for art lovers.

Mobile phones displaying the new game of Artle
Credit: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Is it Gustav Klimt? Maybe James McNeill Whistler? Frida Kahlo? You have four attempts to figure it out. Meet Artle. It’s like Wordle - but for art lovers. Created by the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the new game was developed to engage people’s curiosity and encourage them to learn more about art.

“The emergence of daily guessing games in recent months inspired our digital product and experience team and I to create a daily game using the National Gallery’s collection,” Steven Garbarino, senior product manager at the museum, tells Smithsonian magazine. He says the game was designed to help "the public discover art while having fun.”

There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the museum in person - it offers exhibitions and public programs free of charge. But the museum wants to help more people access its collection of 150,000 paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art.

The new game involves guessing who created a work of art in the gallery’s collections.

Artle piggybacks on Wordle’s success, and offers a similar chance to show off your triumph (or tragedy) on social media. Once you complete the game, you can select a “share” button and copy your results to share on Twitter, your family text thread, or anywhere else.

Sadly, it's not available as an app yet...


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