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OGN Quiz #1 - The Answers

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Yesterday, we invited you to have a go at ten 'figure out the city' questions. You could even phone a friend or use google.

As we said, all answers are city names and to give you a helpful steer we gave this example: what city does 'Fill up your house' refer to? The answer was: Stockholm. Hope you got the gist, but did you manage to get all the answers correct? See below:

  1. Say goodbye to your mother - Mumbai

  2. Small cockney pet water barrier - Amsterdam

  3. Super hero costume city - Cape Town

  4. Three times the fifth letter - Tripoli

  5. Reserve a nap - Bucharest

  6. Religious nuisance - Budapest

  7. Set off in a fashionable vehicle - Chicago

  8. Where you would wash your hands in the underworld - Helsinki

  9. Put father in a carrier bag - Baghdad

  10. This capital city is an anagram of its last capital city - Tokyo

10 / 10 ? May be you have some ideas for our next city quiz? If so, please get in touch

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