OGN Tuesday

Collection of good news snippets to brighten the day.

  • Channel Islands: Festival went ahead last weekend! The island of Guernsey had its last detected case of 'you know what' more than 100 days ago, so no social-distancing measures were required at the festival. In the shadow of a 600-year-old castle (pictured), around 3000 islanders gathered for the 44th Vale Earth Fair - and the 12-hour music event was probably the biggest one yet.

  • France: More countries should adopt this great idea for a 'premium' postal service whereby postmen and women check up on old people to make sure they're safe and well.

  • Europe: Amazon is buying 1,800 electric delivery vans from Mercedes-Benz, the retailer's biggest commitment to date to cut the carbon footprint of its delivery operations in Europe. The vans will be on the road by end of 2020.

  • Sunflowers: Did you know that the thousands of little florets in the middle of a sunflower actually grow with the mathematical precision of a Fibonacci sequence?

  • The first commercial flights between Israel and the UAE have just commenced.

  • New York: Lisa Mollet is a single mom and a hard working waitress. Since the start of the pandemic she has been struggling to pay the bills. And just when she was supposed to go back to work at the Empire Diner, her car broke down and she had to start using Uber.⁠ That was until two of the restaurant‘s regular customers came in for a meal. When they found out what had happened, they gave Lisa their 2006 Nissan Altima instead of a tip.⁠

  • Albatross: The word albatross is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse. It's an allusion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798), but today they're not being shot by seamen; rather they're 'shooting' illegal fishermen.

  • California: The first state highway made from recycled plastic has just opened. In even better good news, according to CalTrans (California Dept. of Transportation), which already has slated the material for use throughout the state, the eco-friendly road formula has been shown to be 2-3 times more durable than traditional asphalt.

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