Only Good News

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Sunday's worldwide round-up of positive news.

  • Congratulations to Rachael Blackmore on crowning an extraordinary month with an historic achievement yesterday as she became the first female rider to win England's Grand National after a perfectly judged ride aboard the 11-1 chance Minella Times. The latest landmark in Blackmore’s remarkable career arrived 22 days after she was the first female jockey to win the award for the leading rider at the Cheltenham Festival.

  • A school district in Arkansas installed thousands of solar panels and invested in other new energy infrastructure. As a result - and in really good news for its teachers - the district has now saved enough money to give every teacher a salary raise of up to $15,000.⁠

  • Once thriving in southern Alberta, Canada, otters were nearly wiped out by hunting and habitat destruction. Fortunately, they are now enjoying an encouraging renaissance - in yet another successful comeback story demonstrating the benefits of projects that restore ecosystem balance in areas affected by human activities.

  • Biden trains his sights on rail: Transportation is the largest source of US greenhouse gas emissions. A good high-speed rail system would work wonders to help ease that problem. But America's passenger rail system lags far behind the rest of the developed world. Biden has a $165 billion plan to fix that.

  • The UK government is poised to reveal plans for a new state-backed green bank to help finance Britain’s climate ambitions. The move comes amid growing calls from climate campaigners, economists and academics to invest in green infrastructure to help revive the UK’s economy and help meet its climate targets.

  • Meanwhile, Bank of America says it will deploy $1 trillion for its environmental business initiative for green finance, taking its total commitment to sustainable finance to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

  • Kickstart your happiness hormones: There are scientifically proven ways to make your brain boost your mood.

  • There's a massive litter-picking party to mark the end of lockdown, to which everyone in the UK is cordially invited. Location: nationwide. Dress code: casual. The Million Mile Beach Clean is calling on people everywhere to join litter-picking parties across the country as restrictions are lifted. The aim is to rid coastlines, rivers and mountains of rubbish, while boosting everyone's wellbeing. The charity says: “After more than a year of isolation, the Million Mile Beach Clean reconnects communities with the environment and provides numerous benefits to mental health and physical wellbeing.”

  • In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles and cans. They're often collected by poor or homeless people to raise a little bit of money. So, a lot of the country's bins have holders around them so that people don't have to search through the bins to collect them. Simple but effective.

  • Prince Philip's best quotes: The Duke of Edinburgh was famously forthright, funny and always known for speaking his mind. We celebrate some of his best jokes and gaffes.

  • For proof that Segway is no longer the company it once was, you need look no further than its latest two-wheeler. Looking like a bike from Tron, by 2023 the Apex will have a hybrid hydrogen-electric engine rocketing the bike from zero to 60mph in four seconds. Rather faster than its 10mph predecessor favoured by mall cops.

  • Incredible teamwork: Clownfish working together to move a coconut shell, which they will use to lay eggs on. This behaviour had never been filmed before. Enjoy!