OGN Friday

Selection of uplifting news snippets to round off the week.

  • Rare New Zealand mini-parrot population doubles after epic breeding season. The beloved kakariki karaka, also known as orange-fronted parakeet, just had its best mating season in decades.

  • Alaska: Containing nearly one-third of the world’s old-growth temperate rainforest, the Tongass is home to large stands of trees that have lived on this planet for centuries. And it's now been saved from loggers.

  • Going Organic: A report has found that levels of glyphosate in adults and children fell dramatically after just one week of eating organic. Going organic can reduce the amount of glyphosate - the world’s most widely-used weed killer - in our bodies by 70 per cent within six days, a peer-reviewed study has found.

  • Drinkable Seawater: How did humans ever suffer water scarcity on a planet whose surface is 71% water? Hopefully, that's one of those surprising general trivia questions that future generations will ask themselves with a wry, disbelieving smile.

  • Philadelphia to provide free internet for 35,000 low-income families.

  • China: It's really good news to learn that new evidence suggests plummeting renewable energy and battery prices mean China could hit 62% clean power and cut costs 11% by 2030.

  • Thailand: Puppy got lost in Bangkok but at some point found a familiar place: his vet's clinic. He patiently waited outside to be noticed.⁠ When the staff saw the puppy, they immediately recognised their patient and reunited the pet with its owner. ⁠

  • Hamilton: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s phenomenal, Pulitzer prize-winning musical about the “10-dollar founding father without a father” was filmed over three nights in New York in 2016 with the original Broadway cast. Slated for a 2021 cinema release, it has been fast-tracked on to the Disney+ streaming service. It’s directed by Thomas Kail, who staged the musical, and according to Miranda gives “everyone the best seat in the house”. Watch it once and, to quote Jonathan Groff’s frothing King George III, 'You’ll Be Back'.

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