OGN Monday

Bundle of positive news snippets to help ensure it's a Magic Monday.

  • OGN Daily: publishing stuff to brighten your day and make humans (and fish) smile! By the way, the picture isn't photo-shopped - it's one of the finalists in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards. And we'll be publishing another one every day this week.

  • Drive-Ins: A retro favourite is being re-imagined in the coronavirus era, giving us new ways to experience film, theatre and entertainment - all around the world.

  • Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has announced a new financial gift in support of four historically Black medical schools to increase the number of Black doctors in the U.S. How much? $100 million.

  • Thailand: When you’re working on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, you expect to see the occasional whale or dolphin swimming by, but a stray dog? Yet, that’s precisely what the crew on a Chevron rig spotted struggling in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand - 135 miles from land.

  • Face masks are a proven preventative measure for slowing the spread of the coronavirus. But it turns out that mask-wearing has a second, surprising benefit, too, in that they may actually confer heightened immunity upon those who wear them. That's the conclusion of a new study from University of California researchers. The study's findings: mask-wearing, aside from limiting virus spread, seems to make those who do contract coronavirus get less sick.

  • Possible Cure for Blindness: For the time being, the new process creates a level of vision similar to watching television in black and white. But that's still remarkable!

  • Australia: South Australia becomes first Aussie state to ban single-use plastics. It would be really good news if the rest of them followed suit very quickly.

  • Take inspiration from Jason Liversidge: The 44 year old, who has motor neurone disease and is almost paralysed from the neck down, has set a UK speed record of 59mph in an electric wheelchair during a time trial at Elvington Airfield, near York. The father-of-two is now setting his sights on reaching speeds of 62mph, which would be a new wheelchair world speed record. Since being diagnosed with the disease in 2013, Mr Liversidge has taken on a number of challenges, such as scaling Mount Snowdon (1,085m / 3,560 ft) and abseiling 110ft in the Yorkshire Dales.

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