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OGN Tuesday

Bite sized chunks of good news to brighten the day.

  • Smile! Four dwarf mongoose from Kenya saying hello with a happy faces. Another funny animal picture tomorrow, and every day for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

  • The English National Opera believes their new version of La Bohème is Europe’s first drive-in opera. The production will take place in the grounds of London’s Alexandra Palace, running across eight days from 19 September.

  • This is brilliant (but be warned: you can start spending far too much time on it). It's a Global Forest Sound Map and allows you to hear sounds from all over the world, from a monkey in China, to a river in Canada and way beyond. Time for a virtual holiday!

  • Missouri: Project Evergreen's landscaping pros have been turning up for free and mowing lawns for frontline workers, taking some of the stress out of their lives while beautifying their gardens for when they return home - allowing them as much time as possible to relax and enjoy life with their families.

  • Friluftsliv: How the Norwegian idea of outdoor living could help us all this winter.

  • California: More than $130,000 has been raised for a family after a photo of two young girls using the free WiFi in a Taco Bell parking lot to complete their school work went viral last week.

  • In good news for common sense, BBC to axe 'meetings culture' as new director general brands them a waste of time.

  • UK is the world leader in wind power, and now generates 20 per cent of the country’s entire electricity needs. The UK is the Saudi Arabia of wind energy. That's good news for both the environment and employment.

  • Take inspiration from Joan Rich: She is 102 years old and completed her 102nd charity walk on her birthday last Friday. During lockdown the retired nurse set a goal of walking 102 laps of her local park before her 102nd birthday. She managed it and has raised over £28,000 so far.

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