OGN Thursday

Today's round up of positive news snippets to brighten the day.

  • Myanmar: Rare turtles known for their permanent smiles saved from extinction. Thanks to the efforts of the Turtle Survival Alliance, approximately 1,000 of the Burmese roof turtles have been successfully raised in captivity, and are soon to be released into the wild.

  • Swedish company unveils a wind-powered car carrier ship that uses wings, not sails. Here's why that's good news...

  • Wisconsin: Farmer plants 2 million sunflowers to make people smile.

  • UK’s first urban zip line to be built above Liverpool city centre. The 400m zip wire is great news for adrenaline junkies and will run from the top of St John's Beacon to the Liverpool Central Library.

  • New Zealand: The country's roads will soon be occupied by long-distance trucks powered entirely by ultra-sustainable hydrogen-powered electric fuel cells. They will start hauling freight as early as 2022, positioning New Zealand as a world leader in hydrogen vehicle infrastructure.

  • Humble Carpenter's Generosity: Dale Schroeder lived a simple life in Ohio, but his legacy is one of life-changing kindness.⁠

  • Europe's highest court just gave its backing to the European Union's net neutrality rules which require telecoms operators to treat all Internet traffic equally. The rules, which have got strong backing from large tech companies and consumer groups, prevent telecoms operators from blocking or slowing down traffic, or offering paid fast lanes.

  • Netherlands: In an attempt to recast its residents’ relationship with the car, Utrecht’s inner city is again surrounded by water and greenery rather than asphalt and exhaust fumes.

  • Sweden's Social Democrat and Green minority government just announced its 2021 budget would contain 9.7 billion Swedish crowns ($1.11 billion) in new spending aimed at fighting climate change.

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