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Good News Only Friday

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Concluding the week with an eclectic bundle of good news nuggets to perk up the day.

Sustainable Fashion

Hit UK reality TV show ‘Love Island’ is back - and pre-loved fashion is set to get a boost from the show once again. In 2022, the series ditched its fast fashion image by partnering with eBay - the first ever pre-loved fashion partnership on a TV show. Clothing from eBay's online second hand marketplace was worn by contestants as they descended on an exotic location to find love. Searches for ‘pre-loved clothing’ soared by 1,600 per cent on eBay after the show aired.

Eric Finkelstein eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant
Credit: Guinness World Records
Michelin Madness?

After noshing on steak tartare, caviar, grilled scallops and other high-end dishes all over New York City, 34-year-old Eric Finkelstein now holds the world record for visiting the most Michelin-starred restaurants in 24 hours. Finkelstein, a healthcare IT consultant, set the record by visiting 18 Michelin-starred establishments. Finkelstein is a bit of a record-setting fiend: He also holds two other Guinness World Records, one for the longest table tennis serve, and the other for the largest table tennis ball mosaic flag. So, when someone on the social networking platform Discord tagged him in a post about the existing record for the most Michelin-starred restaurants visited in 24 hours (which was 12), he couldn’t resist trying to break it.

On Your Bike

In the UK, a government initiative to get more people out of cars allows employees to spread the cost of a new bike over 12 months, and save up to 40 percent since payments come directly out of salaries and aren’t taxed. Over 1.6 million from over 40,000 different employers have taken advantage of it since it first rolled out in 1999.

Floret of broccoli
Super Sulforphane

Full of nutrients and antioxidants, broccoli also has a large amount of an incredible compound called sulforaphane, which has gained a reputation as a super nutrient. Studies even show it is involved in blood sugar control and carries potential anti-cancer properties. However, when we cook the vegetable by boiling or microwaving, the amount of sulforaphane we can absorb is seriously depleted. But have no fear, the best option to get this super nutrient is not to start munching down on raw broccoli florets! A study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, was inspired by another technique to cook this vegetable: stir-frying. So now you know. For maximum benefit, stir-fry it next time.

Renewables v Gas

British-based renewable energy sources have overtaken gas as the primary generator of electricity so far this winter, says ECIU, the energy and climate think tank. Since the start of October, domestic wind, hydro and solar together produced 34TWh (terawatt hours), 2TWh more than the 32 generated by gas. The conclusion counters claims that the transition to clean power in order to meet climate targets is to blame for current energy security problems.

Rendering of world's largest electric passenger ferry
Credit: Incat
Electric Ferry

Tasmanian builder of high-speed catamaran ferries Incat has announced that it's aiming to deliver the world's largest battery electric passenger ferry to Argentina-based operator Buquebus by 2025. The 130m electric ferry is expected to operate between Argentina and Uruguay, and is capable of carrying 2,100 passengers/crew, plus 226 cars. If all goes to plan Buquebus can expect delivery of "the world's largest, zero emissions, lightweight ferry" some time in 2025.


“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”

Jeff Valdez

On this Day

20 January 1892: The first official basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, by YMCA students of the game's inventor, James A. Naismith.


Mood Booster

The Bornean sun bear is not just the smallest bear in the world, it's also the highest-climbing bear in the world.


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