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OGN Monday

Another week begins with yet more bite sized chunks of good news.

  • “Clouds are said to be the bane of astronomers, but they can also be the inspiration for a breathtaking astrophoto,” says Steve Marsh, one of the judges this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards. “These rare, incredibly high nacreous clouds reflect color like oil does on water and this photographer has captured them perfectly.” Called Painting the Sky, the picture is this year's winning entry, taken in Finnish Lapland by Thomas Kast.

  • Sweden: Radical new housing experiment that's designed to cure loneliness (particularly amongst the elderly) appears to be succeeding. The scheme offers homes to different ages and backgrounds, subsidises their rent and, in return, insists that they (safely) mingle.

  • Mexico: You're 17, you walk into a corner store and grab a Coca-Cola and Doritos, but the cashier refuses to sell them to you because you're underage. ... First Oaxaca's state legislature passed a ban on selling or giving out high-calorie packaged foods and sugar-sweetened drinks to minors on 5 August. Less than two weeks later, Tabasco state approved a prohibition, too. Now at least a dozen other states are considering similar legislation.

  • Roy Austin from South Carolina went on safari to East Africa to enjoy the wildlife and was concerned that his itinerary had too many cultural inclusions, such as visiting homes and schools. Unexpectedly, he thoroughly enjoyed meeting the people and visiting their homes and schools, and it inspired him to create Libraries for Kids that's now helping children in four East African countries.

  • Fed up with your Apple AirPods falling out? A jewellery designer has created a series of earrings that wrap and clip onto AirPod headphones to stop that happening. Apparently this isn't a solution looking for a problem, and buyers are snapping them up.

  • In good news for diversity and disadvantaged minorities, leaders from major U.S. companies, including banks and tech giants, have formed a group aimed at increasing the hiring of individuals from minority communities in New York. The NY Jobs Council, which counts chief executives from 27 firms among its members, aims to hire 100,000 people from low-income Black, Latino, and Asian communities by 2030.

  • Efforts to stop the coronavirus have had at least one welcome side-effect as the southern hemisphere skipped flu season in 2020, and the northern hemisphere is almost certain to do the same. In a year filled with not such great news (unless you're a regular reader of OGN Daily), a victory against the flu is a welcome respite.

  • Tesla has already achieved astonishing things, almost single handedly spurring the car industry towards its electric future. With the company's much-hyped 'Battery Day' coming up tomorrow, investors (and all those who believe that 'the future is electric') expect more good news from Elon Musk, hoping that he will be revealing a technological leap relating to battery power. Could it be the triple whammy of lower prices, faster charging and greater range?

  • Take inspiration from Andrea Mason as this 39 year old cancer survivor becomes the first woman to complete 'insane' 330 mile triathlon in France. Andrea pushed her body to its limits, and in just under five days, she swam 37 km around Lake Annecy, cycled 330 km around Mont Blanc, and ran and hiked the 170 km Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, with thousands of feet of elevation changes.⁠ Amazing!

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