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OGN Saturday

Smorgasbord of good news to kick start the weekend.

  • Queen Elizabeth II has made a notable sartorial statement by removing real fur from her day-to-day wardrobe. And fans of Netflix series The Crown will be delighted to hear that series 4 will start on 15 November.

  • White House Knife Fight: Humorous, satirical take on the battle between Trump and Obama, in the spirit of modern US politics. Warning: Fake News/Dark Humour!

  • In good news for competition in the electric car market, newcomer Lucid can not only beat Tesla's maximum range by 100 miles, it can also fully recharge for its next 517 miles of driving in just 26 minutes. That should help solve some 'range anxiety' issues.

  • Reducing the cobalt content in lithium-ion batteries is good news for the environment, human rights, and maybe even the performance of the battery itself.

  • Spain: Nature lovers are celebrating the return of the Cantabrian brown bear to the mountains of northwest Spain after the mammal had been pushed to the point of extinction. The population has grown steadily and numbers have reached 350.

  • Swiss design graduate Luisa Kahlfeldt has designed a new diaper (nappy) that surpasses other reusable cloth nappies in sustainability. Her award-winning Sumo nappy is made entirely of a fabric composed of seaweed and eucalyptus.

  • Luxembourg: Country becomes first in the world to scrap fares on all public transport, in a move aimed at alleviating its chronically bad traffic congestion.

  • Renewable biogas made from cow manure has been injected into the UK National Grid, in a method also being explored in California with farmers hoping it could be a "new goldrush" and help offset the methane emissions from the cows throughout their lives on the farms.

  • Netherlands: The Dutch city of Utrecht has turned more than 300 of its bus stops into shelters for bees. These “bee stops” now have green roofs planted mainly with sedum, a drought-resistant plant favoured by pollinators, which also captures dust and rainwater.

  • History of Canada: If you have 30 minutes to spare (it's the weekend, after all), enjoy this wonderful sound and light show - filmed on Parliament Hill this year - telling the epic story of Canada.

  • US: Good news for the Democrats, theoretically, as the sixth former advisor to the #IdiotintheWhiteHouse is arrested for yet another crime. This time it's Steve Bannon for fraud.

  • Europe: Carbon dioxide emissions from generating electricity dropped by 12 per cent last year across the European Union compared to 2018. Meanwhile, output from coal-fired power plants fell by 24 per cent.

  • France: Scientists have created an enzyme that can break down used plastic bottles for recycling in a matter of hours. Engineered from bacteria found in leaf compost, the enzyme reduces PET bottles (made from polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester) to their chemical building blocks, which are then used to make high-quality new bottles. Carbios, the French startup behind the breakthrough, aims to be recycling at an industrial scale within five years.

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