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OGN Tuesday

Round up of positive news snippets to put a spring in your step.

  • In the lowlands of Bangladesh, people are turning to a centuries-old form of hydroponics. For 300 years, people have been following an age-old traditional method of cultivation called dhap. These are floating vegetable gardens - artificial islands, that simply rise and fall with the swelling waters. Now farmers are successfully reviving this old practice to reduce their vulnerability due to climate change.

  • High Tech Health Passport: News from Hong Kong appears to offer an extremely promising path to restarting a safe, reliable and straightforward means of air travel in the near future.

  • Lebanon: The country’s shores have seen a wonderful resurgence in numbers of endangered green sea turtles.

  • Good news on covid-19: the virus seems to generate a robust and fairly long-lasting immune response, according to encouraging reports published in New England Journal of Medicine and Nature Immunology.

  • In a rare bipartisan agreement on climate, US Senators forge plan to phase out use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a potent greenhouse gas. This amends the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2019 to require the reduction of production and consumption of HFCs by 30% every four years until 2036.

  • Brexit Relief for the Irish: Warning: Fake News / Dark Humour. But sometimes, when all else fails, you've just got to laugh. It's much healthier than weeping!

  • Sweden has loosened the purse strings to unveil a £9.3 billion spending and tax cuts boost for its economy after suffering a record slump despite its light-touch lockdown.

  • End of the Oil Age: Oil fuelled the 20th century. Now the world is in the midst of an energy shock that is speeding up the shift to a new era.

  • Take inspiration from Diego Mentrida: A Spanish athlete is being applauded after he sacrificed a top tier win in the 2020 Santander Triathlon to give it to a competitor who took a wrong turn on the course. British athlete James Teagle was on course to win third place in the competition in Spain last weekend when he made a mistake metres from the finish. Diego Mentrida overtook him but noticed the error and stopped to allow Teagle to cross first. 'He deserved it,' Mentrida said later.

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