OGN Sunday

Today's collection of good news snippets.

  • Spain: Some 136 years after construction began, Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia is finally to get a building permit. Phew! City officials say that Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece lacked the proper paperwork. To settle the dispute, the Sagrada’s trustees have agreed to pay €36 million over 10 years: the money will go towards improving public transport and nearby streets.

  • Work-life balance is a term that has long been used, but it focuses on the separation of work and life. Today and moving forward, it’s all about work-life integration.

  • France: A historical theme park has enlisted some unlikely help in clearing up litter left by visitors: six rooks. The Puy du Fou park in the Vendée region has trained the birds to pick up litter by installing a small box that delivers a nugget of food each time one of the birds deposits a cigarette butt or small piece of rubbish.

  • Finland: The answer to the question 'what's the best way to avoid a hangover?' may no longer be: 'don't drink too much' as researchers in Helsinki think they've found a real hangover cure.

  • Italy: An anti-pollution initiative in Bologna is rewarding people who get out of their car and cycle or take public transport instead. Participants use an app on their phone to log sustainable trips, earning points they can redeem against beer, ice cream and cinema tickets.

  • Science of Silence: How Rolls-Royce is making the next-generation Ghost whisper quiet.

  • Ireland: Dublin has become the first European capital to have a zero carbon-emission postal service. The capital's postal service is now able to make all deliveries in 47 zero-emission vehicles, avoiding 450 tonnes of CO2.

  • Canal Towpath Restoration: Good news for getting from A to B on foot or bicycle in UK's former industrial heartlands.

  • Lebanon: Nurse pulled 3 newborn babies to safety when the Beirut blast caused the hospital roof to collapse. They have been reunited with their mothers and transferred to other hospitals.

  • Plenty of reason for optimism amongst the selectors of the English test cricket team as Zac Crawley, aged 22, scores a majestic 267 runs against Pakistan. Have we just witnessed the flowering of the next super-star batsman?

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