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OGN Saturday

Round up of positive news to kick start the weekend.

  • Botswana: cattle owners are abandoning expensive fencing as a new study shows that there is a better and smarter alternative to protective enclosures: painting eyes on cow butts. Yes, that’s right, the findings of a recent experiment show that painting eyes on cow backsides appears to deter lions from attacking.

  • Sustainable Fashion: Green is the new black as biotechnology revolutionises clothing - and doesn't cost the earth.

  • Scotland: Good news for a breeder as his ram becomes the world's most expensive when it sells for £365,000 after a furious bidding war at a Scottish auction. Texels, originally from the island of Texel in the Netherlands, are the most popular sheep for breeding in the UK because of the quality of the meat. But hardly a baagain!

  • Beethoven for the Deaf: A Hungarian orchestra is helping deaf people to “hear” and enjoy the music of Beethoven (who, himself was famously deaf) through touch.

  • Wind Turbines: They are helping power the clean energy revolution, but a dark side of wind turbines is that they sometimes kill birds. The good news is a recent study suggests that painting just one blade black reduces bird strikes by up to 70 per cent.

  • UK: Government to impose new law on businesses to curb deforestation around the world as companies will have to show that their products and supply lines are free from illegal deforestation.

  • Newfoundland: The look of utter amazement on the face of a child as a couple of humpback whales leap in the air right in front of her is priceless! Enjoy this 90 second video.

  • Indonesia: Study finds that infecting mosquitoes with a naturally-occurring bacteria (wolbachia) dramatically reduces transmission of dengue fever, which affects 50 million people each year. The experiment reported a 77 per cent reduction in incidence of dengue fever. Scientists said the breakthrough could pave the way for its elimination.

  • The Dow Jones just dropped its oldest member and once the world’s largest publicly-traded company: Exxon Mobil. Why's that good news? Because fossil fuels are on the way out and the company's collapsing share price reflects this.

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