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OGN Sunday

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Selection of positive news snippets and stuff to make you smile.

  • King Alfred's Way: For the ultimate in healthy staycations (or vacations) in England, the opening of a new 220 mile adventure cycling loop through glorious countryside - and 10,000 years of history - is the perfect opportunity for occasional cyclists or intrepid bikepackers to explore. And there's a pub round almost every corner!

  • Retail giant Walmart has transformed 160 of its parking lots across the country into drive-in theatres and will project 320 different movies until October. Tickets are free - you just need to make a reservation in advance.⁠

  • Plastic, particularly single use plastic, is one of the scourges of modern life and an environmental disaster. So, it's wonderful news that a 23 year old British design graduate has invented a biodegradable material made from fish waste that could one day replace plastic in packaging.

  • Ecuadorian man and woman become world's oldest married couple. Julio Mora, 110, and Waldramina Quinteros, 104, a combined nearly 215 years, received Guinness certification in mid-August. They have been married for 79 years.

  • Time for a New Bicicletta: Italians love their cars, but the government is determined to try to persuade them to adopt a more ecological (and healthy) mode of transport.

  • Japan: Set to lift its ban on foreign residents returning to the country.

  • Switzerland: We've all heard the expression 'pigs might fly' but we can now add to this the reality that cows sometimes fly too! Enjoy this one minute moovie and be udderly amazed.

  • After more than three decades floating in a Delaware river, a message in a bottle has been found by a kayaker and reunited with its delighted author.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hired a celebrity personal trainer in a bid to lose weight after admitting he was "too fat" and this affected his recovery from Covid-19, which put him in intensive care.

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