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War-torn Bosnia is on the European migration route and has struggled to cope with the arrival of thousands of refugees en route to Croatia. Asim Latic, a café owner in a border town, responded straight from the heart. “I saw a man standing in the street. I asked if he was hungry and he said he didn’t have any money. I said it didn’t matter and fed him.” The next day more people came and before long Latic’s café had become a kitchen for migrants. He and three friends served thousands of free meals, funding them from their own pockets for two months. “We are all war veterans. We know what it means to be hungry,” says Latic.

  • Solving WFH Obstacles: How to solve each of the 5 biggest Work From Home issues.

  • You know that slightly ridiculous high-pitched voice we use when we’re speaking to dogs? It turns out that they actually love it. Researchers at York University in England say “dog-speak” not only helps improve attention from our canine friends but also strengthens the bond between owner and pet.

  • Funny Animal Pictures: OGN selects its favourites from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. They fall within our stated mission of publishing 'stuff to make you smile' and, let's be honest, very little makes us smile as much as funny animal photographs.

  • Amsterdam: A pilot scheme in the suburb of Segbroek is offering residents the chance to turn their parking space into a bit of greenery - such as a sun terrace or play space for kids. In return, participating residents’ vehicles are stored for free in a car park. The long-term aim is to encourage people to use car-sharing schemes.

  • Catching Falling Space Parts: 45 second video of retrieval vessel catching a SpaceX rocket fairing as it returns from space.

  • Norway: Two years ago Norway saw the launch of the world’s first electric ferry, and now it has its sights set on the skies. According to Dag Falk-Petersen, head of airport operator Avinor, by 2040 all of Norway’s short-haul flights will be electric. “When we have reached our goal, air travel will no longer be a problem for the climate,” he says.

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