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Friday's Upbeat News

Updated: Jan 27

Wrapping up the week with an eclectic bundle of positive news nuggets.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson | Wikipedia
Bolting Boris

Politicians are experts at dodging cameras when asked tricky questions, but LBC (a London radio station) came up with a simple solution to keep Boris Johnson in front of the radio station's live webcams during interviews, presenter Nick Ferrari has revealed. During Johnson's stint as London mayor, he was regularly interviewed on Ferrari's 'Ask Boris' slot. But when asked a tricky question "he'd just drift off camera", Ferrari told Radio Times. So the guest chair is now attached to a plate in the studio floor to prevent politicians and other interviewees from doing what LBC staff reportedly refer to as 'the Boris bolt'.

Manatees Good News

In Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon, a recent effort to restore seagrasses has been successful enough to maintain local manatees, who had lost their main food source. Nearly 90 percent of seagrasses had disappeared, primarily due to phytoplankton blooms that shaded them. Bringing back seagrasses helps more than manatees. Seagrasses are ecosystem engineers that support enormous numbers of other species, stabilize sediments, and sequester and store twice as much carbon as forests.

Plus Power’s Kapolei battery in Hawaii
Credit: Plus Power
Batteries Replace Coal

A huge battery has replaced Hawaii’s last coal plant as Plus Power’s Kapolei battery is now officially online. The pioneering project is a leading example of how to shift crucial grid functions from fossil-fueled plants to clean energy. Kapolei’s 158 Tesla Megapacks are charging and discharging based on signals from utility Hawaiian Electric. The plant’s 185 megawatts of instantaneous discharge capacity match what the old coal plant could inject into the grid, though the batteries react far more quickly, with a 250-millisecond response time. Instead of generating power, they absorb it from the grid, ideally when it’s flush with renewable generation, and deliver that cheap, clean power back in the evening hours when it’s desperately needed.

Indian man punching a punch bag
Credit: Guinness World Records
Punch Bag Record

An Indian martial artist broke a Guinness World Record when he spent 55 hours, 15 minutes punching a punch bag, reported UPI. Sidhu Kshetri, 42, was required by the rules to throw at least one punch every 2 seconds and was allowed a five-minute break per hour. "The pain started around the 20-hour mark," he said. "At that point, I reminded myself that it was a test of my limits. I believed that if I stayed emotionally strong, I could endure the pain."

Friends, Not Food

South Korea’s parliament has passed a landmark ban on the production and sale of dog meat.

Although only a small minority of people still consume dog meat in South Korea, the ancient practise has been the subject of sharp criticism from foreign media and animal rights advocates. In recent years, the country’s younger generations have joined calls to ban it.

Now, parliament has heeded their calls. The new bill makes slaughtering, breeding and sales of dog meat for human consumption illegal.

Clever Idea

​Britain's primary telecommunications company (BT) plans to convert old metal street cabinets used for broadband and phone cabling into electric vehicle charging points, with the first installation expected in Scotland within weeks under a pilot program. The initiative aims to address the shortage of EV chargers in the UK, with the company hoping to convert up to 60,000 cabinets nationwide. The government's ambition is to increase the number of charging points from more than 50,000 today to 300,000 by 2030 but, says the BBC, figures show nearly a third of all UK charging points are currently in London.


“When I read the newspaper, I look for the good news because every thought we think changes our biochemistry. Your hormones are all affected by your thoughts. Pay attention to things that bring you joy.” Dr. Christiane Northup

On This Day

12 January 1932: Hattie Ophelia Caraway became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.


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