Peruvians Weave Ancient Inca Bridge

Peruvians from the Cusco region are rebuilding a 500-year-old Incan hanging bridge, made using traditional weaving techniques to string a crossing together over a ravine above the Apurimac river.

The Q’eswachaka bridge has been used for over 500 years to connect communities divided by the river. But during the Covid pandemic it fell into disrepair and collapsed in March. So, the two now separated communities got together to rebuild it, reports The Guardian.

Teams of workers, starting from both sides of the ravine and balancing on giant main ropes that had been weaved and then stretched over the river, worked their way slowly towards the centre, putting in place smaller ropes as barriers between the handrail ropes and the walkway’s floor.

It's a time consuming process that involves dozens of people, as the video below shows: