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Pet Lost in Hurricane 15 Months Ago Reunited With Owner

So, a pigeon tries to walk into a hair salon... incredibly, that's not the opening line for a joke.

Owner reunited with her lost pigeon
Credit: @fox4nownews

The seemingly ordinary pigeon was discovered outside Eva’s Hair and Skin Salon in Cape Coral, Florida - becoming an unexpected Christmas miracle when it was reunited with its owner after a 15 months absence after Hurricane Ian struck.

Elizabeth Merriken, a customer at the salon, was drawn outside by the peculiar behaviour of a bird near the front door. "I'm always finding homeless stray animals. So it was typical for me," she told the local news station.

The plants outside the salon door had just been watered and "The water was dripping down. And I noticed this bird come up, trying to drink the water," she said.

That's when they realized this was not a wild bird but someone's pet. Merriken managed to grab the bird and, upon further inspection, noticed a phone number on its foot. That's when they discovered the owner had lost the pigeon during the hurricane and expressed immense joy at this unforeseen turn of events. The touching reunion was captured by the salon staff.

"We called that our little Christmas miracle."


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