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Pink Prosecco

Bottles of rosé Prosecco will appear on UK shelves this week after a change in Italian law allowed the drink to be produced for the first time. Brits are the world's biggest consumers of Prosecco, so this new fizz is likely to fly off the shelves. 

PINK Prosecco, one of the first producers of the new fizz, say they've had so many enquiries they've even had to create a waiting list for customers, while more than 370,000 enthusiasts have liked the drink's Facebook page, with many revealing they 'can't wait' to get their hands on a bottle. 

Since 2009, the wine has held DOC protected status within the EU, which means all bottles produced with Prosecco label must be made in the Treviso and Trieste regions of northern Italy and are subject to a quality standard. 

While sparkling rosé already graces many a UK supermarket shelf, until recently the Italian Prosecco council (also know as the Consorzio Prosecco DOC) stated that grapes used must be at least 85 per cent Glera, meaning the fizz will always be white.

But in May last year, the council opted to allow bottles made with a mix of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes to be classified as Prosecco DOC. This took a year to be finally approved, with production of the wine beginning in May 2020. Like a white Prosecco, the rose variation must still be produced from a majority of Pure Glera grapes, but it will also include up to 15 per cent red Pinot Noir variety of grapes to achieve its pink hue.  

The first brand to hit UK shelves, PINK is made by some of the finest winemakers in Treviso, and in a winery owned by the Vice-President of the Prosecco Council. It's likely to be priced at £8.99 per bottle.

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