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Good News Wednesday

A quick round-up of uplifting, positive news from around the globe.

  • Today is the first time a private company (Elon Musk's SpaceX), rather than the national government, sends astronauts into orbit. If all goes according to plan, the launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, will happen at 21.30 tonight (UK time).

  • US: Stock market rises on the hope that a US developed vaccine will soon be ready.

  • Australia: First human trials of a potential vaccine for the novel coronavirus have started in Melbourne, involving around 130 people.

  • Canada: following New Zealand's lead is also considering a 4 day working week. Microsoft Japan experimented with this idea in 2019, and found, amongst other benefits, it lead to a 40% jump in productivity.

  • Ireland: A big day on Monday, as the country recorded no new deaths from the coronavirus for the first time since March 21.

  • Greece: Cafes and restaurants reopen, following the news that the country hopes to welcome back foreign tourists as soon as next month.

  • Wales: Volunteers in Caerphilly are delivering thousands of free meals to children every single day. The scheme has grown significantly in the space of recent weeks, with fruit and vegetable boxes and bread now delivered each day in lieu of free school meals.

  • US: One hundred-year-old WWII veteran Lloyd Falk, one of the first coronavirus patients to be hospitalised in Virginia, has survived his battle with the disease following 58 days in hospital, and has now been discharged.

  • After a recent international poll revealed 48% of participants would happily take a pay cut if it meant they could work from home indefinitely, we take a look at the US companies leading the WFH revolution.

  • We can be heroes: 6,000 strangers come together to sing David Bowie's Heroes.

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