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Wednesday's Positive News

Today's eclectic bundle of positive news nuggets.

Eric Clapton performing on stage
Eric Clapton.
You're Never Too Old

The “Clapton is God” graffiti that pronounced his deified status first appeared on a wall in north London in 1967. His personal reputation suffered during years of alcoholism, drug abuse and egotistic ranting in the 1970s for which some have never forgiven him, but through remorseful apologies and dedicated philanthropy Clapton is surely a living personification of a person’s capacity to change for the better. As for his musical status - critics say that he’s still playing like an immortal, even though his voice is a little thinner. Now aged 79, the guitar superhero has just embarked on another world tour.

King Charles III official portrait
Credit: Hugo Burnand/Royal Household 2024/Cabinet Office
Free Official Portrait

Hospitals, coastguard operations centres, job centres, universities, Church of England churches and other public institutions can now apply to have a free official portrait of the King. They will be able to claim the free framed image from June 5 to mid-August as The King’s official portrait scheme is extended to include more public institutions. The King is pictured in full regalia inside Windsor Castle wearing his Royal Navy uniform as Admiral of the Fleet and an abundance of official medals and decorations.

Google Data

Think about everything you do across Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and everything else Google owns, and you get some idea of how much data you’re giving up to the company each day. For most of us, it’s... a lot. Want to delete that data? Here's a useful article that will show you How to Delete the Data Google Has on You. You can get rid of your info manually or ask Google to clean up after you.

Discarded flip-flops made into a rhino sculpture
Credit: Ocean Soul
Flip-Flop Power

There are lots of beach clean-up efforts going on around the world. However, we’re often left wondering about the fate of the plastic and waste that gets collected by environmentalists and do-gooders. In Kenya, amidst the challenges posed by discarded flip-flops, Ocean Sole saw not just waste but an opportunity for transformation. The company doesn’t just help clean beaches; it turns beach trash into vibrant, soulful sculptures that bring life and joy to local communities. “The locals benefit greatly from selling the plastic waste to us.” The cash earned helps in a variety of ways, including paying for education and acquiring land and livestock. The good impacts spread throughout the community, demonstrating the transformative power of sustainable efforts.

Friends drinking a glass of wine together
Time to celebrate?

If you enjoy having a drink with friends every so often but don't want to get drunk, then a new gel could be the perfect solution. The ingestible substance, developed by scientists at Switzerland's ETH Zurich university, is said to help keep alcohol from entering your bloodstream and, better yet, from damaging your liver. The experimental new gel comes it consists of a cocktail of glucose, gold nanoparticles, and whey-protein-derived nanofibers covered with iron atoms. Lots more tests (and drinks) are still required, but OGN will keep you updated on progress.

The WEST fusion reactor
The WEST reactor uses a tungsten lining | PPPL
Fusion Record

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) hits a new fusion reactor endurance record that could open the door to practical fusion power on a commercial scale. Using a tungsten lining, the WEST reactor held a reaction for six minutes. Fusion reactions may power the Sun and make life on Earth possible, but duplicating that process on this planet - in order to harness unlimited clean energy - is proving to be a mighty difficult task. However, the new record set by the W (the chemical symbol for tungsten) Environment in Steady-state Tokamak (WEST) of sustaining a reaction for six minutes is another promising milestone.


"Everybody has the choice of being a hero or not being a hero every day of their lives." George Lucas

On This Day

First ever McDonald's in 1940

15 May 1940: In San Bernadino, California, brothers Maurice (“Mac”) and Richard McDonald opened a drive-in restaurant that gave rise to the fast-food chain McDonald's.


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