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Tuesday's Positive News

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Keeping the week on track with an inspiring collection of positive news nuggets.

Red kite
Conservation Success

In the UK, the red kite has had a remarkable turnaround after almost being wiped out. A reintroduction programme in the 1980s and 1990s proved so successful that the population is now considered stable enough to support vital conservation work elsewhere. So, British-born red kites are being flown abroad in a mission to help rescue the dwindling Spanish population. Experts have been given special permission to take 30 red kites from England and release them in the remote mountains of south western Spain. It's hoped the birds will thrive and breed there, reviving the population.

Hitting Polluters

The EU Parliament has voted in favour of extending its carbon market to shipping and road transport, two weeks after it also voted on expanding coverage to all departing flights from the EU. Sofie Defour, climate manager at Transport & Environment, says: “This marks a historic day for European climate policy. Expanding the EU’s flagship cap and trade scheme ensures that more of Europe’s polluters are made to pay.”

Offshore Boost

The Biden administration is teaming up with eleven East Coast states to boost offshore wind energy. The new Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership will bolster President Joe Biden’s goal of creating 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030. This will generate 77,000 new jobs and power 10 million homes while working towards the administration’s plan to get the nation’s power sector to net zero by 2035.

Wildflower meadow

A new report reveals that a fifth of councils in Britain have launched rewilding schemes, or plan to. The study – a joint investigation by the Guardian and wildlife magazine Inkcap Journal – found that former golf courses, old industrial estates and neglected waterways are among the sites that are being returned to nature. It is expected that more councils will follow suit.


The sound of the wind in the trees.

Mercedes EQXX at Silverstone
The Mercedes EQXX continues to impress | Mercedes-Benz
Range Anxiety?

Mercedes has just driven its EQXX from its home base in Stuttgart, Germany, to the Silverstone racetrack in the UK, breaking its own range record by traveling 747 miles (1,200 km) in total. During the record breaking journey, it averaged 52mph (83kmh) and even arrived with 15 percent charge remaining. So, took the car for a few laps around Silverstone to celebrate.

Colombia Transition

Colombia has elected its first 'green' president, setting the Latin American nation on a path to wind down its fossil fuel production. In his manifesto, Gustavo Petro committed to “undertake a gradual de-escalation of economic dependence on oil and coal”. He committed not to grant any new licenses for hydrocarbon exploration during his four-year mandate and to halt the development of offshore fossil fuels. “These are not baby steps but huge steps towards the transition and reducing fossil fuels,” said Colombian environmentalist Martin Ramirez.

Quote of the Day

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Anthony D’Angelo

On this Day

28 June 1935: Franklin D Roosevelt orders a federal gold vault to be built at Fort Knox, Kentucky.


Dive in Deeper

Nature Mood Booster

To attract a female fish, the Japanese Puffer fish will work 24 hours a day, for an entire week in a row, to create the most stunning sand art.


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