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Post Clothes to Charity for Free

It's a good idea and a progressive step, but it would be a much better idea to buy less.

Out with the old and in with the new - only it rarely works like that. How many unworn garments are abandoned to wardrobe dwelling moths, or worse still, get thrown out with the rubbish? The answer: around 350,000 tonnes annually in the UK alone.

A new service aims to reduce that by giving British online shoppers the option of sending pre-loved clothes to charity shops, for free. Launched this week, the service is operated by delivery firm DPD in conjunction with Asos, a leading online retailer.

The ReLove initiative allows Asos customers to hand their old clothes over to DPD drivers when they deliver new items. The pre-worn clothes will then be sent to Scope, Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross or The Children’s Society.

Though the service is a good start, environmentalists say the best way of reducing fashion’s footprint is by buying less and buying secondhand. See below...


Sustainable Secondhand Fashion is Booming

Did you know that the textile industry generates more carbon emissions than the airline and maritime industries combined? So, it's good news that a number of e-tailers are enabling the resale of pre-loved items to a rapidly expanding number of people seeking a bargain that combines common sense with sustainability. More...

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