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Random Act of Kindness

Rita's simple act of kindness pays dividends.

After real estate agent Rina Liou realised she had forgotten her wallet at a Walgreens chemist in Houston, the server behind the checkout, Rita Jackson Burns, offered to pay for her, as she realised Rina needed the purchase as soon as possible (she was soon to be showing some clients a property). This was despite Rita only having $20 in her own account.

Rina thanked her and promised to return later on to pay back the money. She did that, adding on a large tip. She was so grateful that she then wrote about the story on a local Nextdoor page, where things took off.

Rita has has worked at the Walgreens for nearly 40 years and many of her customers thought this was the perfect time to thank her. A GoFundMe campaign called “Gratitude for Ms Rita” was set up and customers rushed to donate, and to share their stories of appreciation. The fund has now reached a magnificent $20,000.

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