Ready to Order Your First Electric Plane?

Eviation is set to become the Tesla of the skies with a $4 million electric plane, the first full-size, all-electric passenger aircraft in the world.

Over 150 of these sleek little beauties - called 'Alice' - have already been ordered, with deliveries slated to commence in 2026. The plane can carry up to 9 passengers (but can be configured for any seat numbers below this, per customer requirements - image above shows 6 seat layout) and cruises at 270mph. However, it can only travel 400 miles - but Eviation believes that's plenty enough for many people and for businesses operating short-haul commercial flights. The number of pre-orders already taken would strongly indicate this.

Some players in the industry say electric planes could mean 40 percent to 80 percent lower airfares. That's because it doesn't cost as much to operate an electric plane. Eviation's Alice costs about $200 per flight hour to operate. A similarly performing turboprop would cost between $1,200 and $2,000 per flight hour.

Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay commented on the executive cabin: "Alice’s executive cabin is the epitome of pure all-electric elegance, and a magnificent blend of beauty and technology. We are shaping the future of travel through electric aviation and it’s thrilling to offer a glimpse into what business travel can and will look like in the very near-term. Our executive cabin concept elevates the industry standard for interior design for this class of aircraft."

As the aviation industry accounts for about 2.5 perecent of global CO2 emissions, all new carbon cutting solutions, like Eviation's, are good news.