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Rescued Donkey Can't Stop Smiling

Luckily for a donkey, stranded in a river, he was spotted by a passer by who arranged a rescue party.

One day, Suzanne Gibbons from Killorglin, Ireland, spotted a donkey that was stuck in the waters of a nearby river. Unfortunately Suzanne didn’t have a boat nor knew how to swim. So, she immediately posted the problem on Facebook, asking for help.

Mike Fleming of the Killorglin rowing club responded to her plea and came along with his boat. Using some rope and a life-saving ring, the two of them safely pulled the donkey out of the dangerous waters.

Once out of the water, the donkey broke into a smile from ear to ear as if to show gratitude. It turned out that the donkey’s owner had been taking very good care of it. The animal escaped from the stable only because strong winds blew the door open.


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