Return of Drive-In Movies

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With cinemas and theatres closed until further notice, people in Prague are being steered towards drive-in festivals.

Inspired by the old drive-in cinemas made famous in the US, Czech theatre director, Karel Kratochvíl, hatched a plan to put on an arts festival in Prague, which people could enjoy without leaving their cars.

Dubbed Art Parking, the 60 day event opened on 24 April, giving the people of Prague the opportunity to engage with culture while complying with social distancing measures.

Running until the end of June, the festival features weeknight cinema screenings at an old train station, plus live theatre and music performances at the weekend, which take place in the city’s historic centre.

Dominika Antonie Pfister, one of the festival’s organisers, says the aim of the event is to give audiences an opportunity to engage in live performance art at a time when everything else is going online. “We don’t want to stream ourselves to death,” she said. “Live art needs a living spectator and vice versa.”