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Safety Hat Just Got a Serious Tech Upgrade

On modern worksites, workers are typically required to carry - or even wear - quite a few electronic devices. The SmartHat is designed to make things easier, by incorporating a head-load of gadgets into a single safety helmet.

New tech enabled safety hat by Proxgy
SmartHat | Proxgy

Manufactured by Indian startup Proxgy, the SmartHat is clearly a remarkable innovation as it has won both a 2023 India's Best Design Award and a 2024 CES Innovation Award.

Of course, its primary function is providing safety for workers. But it also comes with a raft of additional technical sensors and handy gizmos.

The helmet features a removable sensor that sounds an alarm if it detects any of 14 flammable or three toxic gases. There's also a proximity sensor which notifies the wearer of dangerously close overhead objects via a haptic feedback system.

Additionally, remotely located managers can be wirelessly notified if sensors in the helmet detect problems with the wearer's heart rate, body temperature or blood oxygen level. Furthermore, if the SmartHat detects that the user has fallen down, left a geofenced area, or is not wearing the helmet when they should be - management is sent a message.

Workers can take part in two-way audio-visual calls with managers or with each other, using a built-in multi-channel walkie-talkie along with front and rear HD cameras. The front camera utilizes an infrared sensor for use in low-light conditions, whereas the rear camera provides a 160-degree view of the wearer's surroundings. Both cameras can also be used to record video or still photos at any time, simply by pressing a 'Capture' button.

Depending on the setting and usage scenario, communications are managed via a selection of options and all the hat's electronics are powered by a removable battery.

Finally, if things just generally go wrong, wearers can flip an Emergency SOS switch at the front of the helmet. Doing so will send a wireless alert, plus it will cause integrated lights to start flashing.

Potential buyers can contact Proxgy via the company website.

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