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Saved by a Bottle of Wine

A teetotal woman stranded in the Australian bush for five days survived on a bottle of wine and handful of sweets.

Police helicopter finds missing woman in Australian bushland
Police helicopter finds missing woman in bushland | Victoria Police

Lillian Ip was on holiday in Victoria state when her car got “bogged in mud” after she took a wrong turn during what was meant to be a day trip, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. With no phone reception, the 48-year-old was unable to call for help.

And health issues meant that Ip, from Melbourne, was unable to wander far from her car - leaving her with little choice for hydration than to crack open a bottle of wine that she’d bought to give as a present to her mother. "She was only planning a short-day trip so had only taken a couple of snacks and lollies with her but no water," said Victoria Police, revealing that a simple wrong turn led to her six day ordeal.

The good news is that she was finally found 60km (37 miles) from the nearest town after family members raised the alarm.

Ip told Nine News that her first priority after a search helicopter swooped in was to get “water and a cigarette”. When asked how the wine had gone down, she “quickly replied with an expletive”, according to the news service.

“I’m an adventure person but next time I’ll be better prepared,” added Ip, who was given the all-clear by doctors following her ordeal.



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