Secret Weapon for Staying Warm

Even though winter is upon us, it's still important to get outdoors for the benefit of our physical and mental health. But how to stay warm without breaking the bank?

As the Norwegians say: there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. So, the key to staying warm this winter is finding the right layers, which trap heat around your body. And the good news is that no brand offers better and more affordable layers than Uniqlo, which carries one of OGN's favourite weapons for fighting off the cold: Heattech clothes. 

Heattech is a proprietary fabric made by Uniqlo that absorbs moisture while retaining heat through air pockets woven into the fabric. If that’s too technical, let's just say: it really works.

The oh-so-cozy fabric comes in a huge variety of styles and shapes, so whether you’re hoping to add a core-insulating tank top underneath a dress shirt, slip on an attractive, yet discreet scoop neck underneath a cardigan or low-necked sweater, or throw on a tailored crew-neck tee and call it a day, Uniqlo has a style that will fit into your wardrobe.

And let's not forget your lower half. The company makes surprisingly cozy ultra-stretch trousers, layerable leggings, and even tights that will keep you warm even when you have to be dressed up. And there's even Heattech socks and leg warmers.

This incredibly convenient technology isn’t just available to women. Men can enjoy Heattech shirts, gilets, long johns, and more. You can also find delightful miniature versions for kids and even toddlers - so say goodbye to stuffing the wee ones into bulky, clumsy layers. The technology is so good, they even make standalone blankets out of it now.

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