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Senior with Alzheimer's has Lovely Surprise Every Day

Every day Gene McGehee comes out of his house to sit in the front yard at a particular time. As he has Alzheimer's, he doesn't really know why he does it but still feels compelled to do so.

Senior with Alzheimer's greeted by children

Doctors believe his memory resets every 15 minutes but "everyday something tells him to go outside and wait." And every day the bus carrying a group of young children from daycare pulls up outside his house a short while later.

The kids get out and run up to Gene. These "biggest fans" greet him every day and put a big smile on his face. Moreover, due to his illness, he thinks that he is meeting these children for the first time every single day making the experience even more special. The children have been coming to him for three years to chat to him with compassion and love.

McGehee also gets to meet the daycare teacher, Megan Nunez, with the children. She told CBS News, "Every day I cross the street and we meet again." His daughter Cathy said he was lonely before the daycare kids started to greet him every day. She said, "Oh my goodness, they have been such a blessing to Daddy. And he lights up." Even though he forgets about these kids every day, the acceptance and love they give him is unstrained.

"He just goes right to the front yard," he added. "Because it's love. And, you know, everybody responds to love." Meghan explains that it is just McGhee's instinct that drives him to the yard. She said, "We always tell the kids that his brain is kind of sick, but his heart remembers us."



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