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Smart Factory: Totally Automated And Self-Improving

There are no humans working the new Xiaomi production lines - this new Smart Factory is 100 percent automated - and producing phones at extraordinary speeds.

Xiaomi's fully automated phone factory near Beijing
Credit: Xiaomi

This is no vision of the future, it's up and running right now. The 80,000 sq. meter (860,000 sq. feet) facility is located on the outskirts of Beijing and is the 'child' of a pilot smart factory which produced about a million units a year of the company's Mix Fold smartphone.

The new facility, claims the company, is smart enough to diagnose and fix problems, as well as optimising its own processes to "evolve by itself." The new factory will produce Xiaomi's upcoming foldable phones - to be released later this month - spitting them out at the extraordinary rate of about one every three seconds. 24/7.

Pretty remarkable stuff, and certainly a taste of what's coming worldwide.

Totally automated factories, of course, have been around for many years. Japanese robotics company Fanuc Ltd was an early example. It opened its first fully automated line back in 2001, and according to CNN Money, by 2003 it had a factory in which robots were building other robots, around 50 a day, running totally unsupervised for up to a month at a time.

Xiaomi Founder and CEO Lei Jun says that "there are 11 production lines" and that "100 percent of the key processes are automated. We developed our entire production and manufacturing software to achieve this."

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Jul 11

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