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Swimmer Breaks Record

Channel swimmer beats men's record and quarantine as she moves to second on list of most crossings.

Endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel completed a record-breaking crossing of the English Channel, landing in Calais, France, just before 7am on Sunday. The 35 year old Australian took 10 hours and 40 minutes to make her 35th Channel crossing after leaving Abbot's Cliff beach near Folkestone on Saturday evening, describing it as a "tough day at the office".

The 21 mile trip means Ms McCardel moves to second on the list of the most Channel swims, passing the men's record of 34 held by British athlete Kevin Murphy. She now only trails another Briton, Alison Streeter, who has completed the challenge 43 times. Of course, most crossings is not the same as fastest crossing. The fastest swim across the Channel occurred 2012, when Trent Grimsey from Australia, who swam it in 6 hours and 55 minutes.

"I'm in great spirits," McCardel told The Telegraph. "It's such a joyous thing to be able to surpass the record and move to second spot on the list of most Channel crossings. It's a very momentous occasion and I'm very proud to be able to represent Australia."

Although there was some concern as to whether Ms McCardel and her team would need to quarantine on their return to the shores of England, she said she had been given the all-clear by English and French coastguards.

She added: "I would like to have a little celebration this evening. I'm extremely lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support, from my English host to my support boat captains and crew, and I'm excited to celebrate this achievement together with them."

Ms McCardel added that, after completing four swims in 16 days to break the record, she was looking forward to finally getting some well-earned rest. "I've got a lot more muscular soreness than I anticipated, I don't think I want to swim the Channel again for a while," she laughed.

Original source: Telegraph

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