Tectonic Tracer Map

Amazing new interactive map allows you to find out how far your hometown has shifted from where it is now, at any point over the last 750 million years.

Remarkably it wasn't until the early 1960s that the theory of plate tectonics was finally accepted by the geoscientific community but now, of course, everyone knows that the planet's land masses have been shuffling around the globe since time immemorial.

A new interactive map shows you just how far everything has moved. Cape Town, for example, was crunched up next to Argentina when the dinosaurs first started to roam the earth 220 million years ago. London was closer to Canada than the Iberian peninsula and New York was in touching distance of north west Africa.

This marvelous 3D rotable globe allows you to type in practically any city around the world, then pick the date you want to go back in time to - anything from first multi-cellular life to the extinction of the dinosaurs - and, hey presto, the planet is presented as it was at that time and shows you exactly where your hometown was in the epoch of your choice.

It represents an incredible educational resource for children and adults interested in paleontology or geography. Click here and have fun exploring!

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