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Teenagers Invent Award-Winning App for People with Dementia

Three Nigerian girls from Ireland win international competition.

A team of three teenage girls - Rachael Akano, 16, Margaret Akano, 17, and Joy Njekwe, 17 - created a mobile app called Memory Haven that's designed to help dementia patients in their daily lives.

They decided to develop the app when their mentor, Evelyn Nomayo, lost her mother to dementia. Lockdown also got them thinking about all those who could do with some help. Then when they found out how many people live with dementia they realised they had to do something.  It is estimated that globally there are 50 million people living with dementia.

Memory Haven has six features: photo albums, outreach, face and voice recognition, memory games - to promote memory retention and improve focus and speed - and reminders to alert both the patient and caregiver that it's time for medication. The sixth is a musical feature, as research suggests that musical memories are the least affected by dementia.

The teens, who live in Drogheda, Ireland, won the Technovation Girls - an annual international competition for girls leaders in tech. To win, Memory Haven beat out more than 1,500 submissions from 62 countries.

The teens feel proud of their contribution and are happy that their app will launch in app stores soon.

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