The Brewdogs

Updated: May 6, 2020

Beer delivery dogs may be lockdown’s best invention.

We are all taking our comfort wherever it comes at the moment. A lot of the time it’s on the doorstep. With conventional shopping either off-limits or a once-weekly novelty it’s never been a better time to order things you don’t really need on the internet.

Enter the Six Habors Brewery of Huntingdon New York, who have enlisted golden retrievers Buddy and Barley to help deliver their customers beer.

The Brewdogs, as they've become known, carry out the final stage of the delivery process while owners Mark and Karen Heuwetter maintain a healthy distance from their customers.

Given the inevitable enthusiasm which the dogs bring to their task, there is one serious danger which must be avoided at all costs, a fizzy can disaster.

We'd advise anyone taking similar deliveries to give it a while before getting stuck in. Fortunately everybody seems happy to do just that.

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