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The Kinder Shop

Here's a lovely idea: shopping for for toys, decorations, furnishings and luxury items - but 'paying' for them by promising some volunteer time with local children's charities. The antithesis of Black Friday!

Couple shopping in the charity Kinder Shop in Carlisle

Recently the Kinder Shop popped-up in Carlisle, north west England, and shoppers poured through their doors, pledging hundreds of hours during the day in return for suitcases, fire pits, Christmas trees, tricycles and cushions.

The project will provide a huge boost to three charities who help children - Carlisle Youth Zone, Jigsaw Children’s Hospice and Scouts Cumbria. This particular pop-up day was funded by The Cumberland Building Society as part of its commitment to Kinder Banking, and it's such a great idea that it's a pity that more such pop-ups don't appear more frequently and in more places. But hopefully the Kinder Shop, and others, are working on that.

Among the shoppers in Carlisle was Paul Atkinson who ‘bought’ a Christmas tree, ornamental sleigh and plants in return for pledging 60 hours to help at the Jigsaw children’s hospice.

“I think the Kinder Shop is an amazing idea,” he said, adding: “I’m looking forward to helping at Jigsaw with whatever they need, whether that’s decorating or gardening. It’s a brilliant way to give something back.”

Kelly Ashbridge, partnerships officer at The Cumberland, said: “It has been wonderful to bring the Kinder Shop back for Christmas. Today has been such a contrast to all the hype around Black Friday last week." Here here!

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