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The Offline Club is Going Global

A retreat from the digital world that fosters genuine human interaction and mindfulness through face-to-face engagements in cafes and other venues throughout The Netherlands.

Inside The Offline Club in Amsterdam
Credit: The Offline Club

"Turn off, tune out and drop in". That’s the message to customers at a Dutch digital detox cafe who are paying for the privilege of leaving their phones at the door. The Offline Club, which began life in Amsterdam - and now has multiple shabby-chic outposts in cities across the Netherlands - offers an oasis of calm and respite from the incessant digital hustle of life lived through the black glass of a smartphone.

It's a thoroughly modern venture that provides a face-to-face refuge from the omnipresent digital world, offering a unique environment where individuals can unplug from technology to foster genuine human connections. Its purpose statement is clear: to inspire people to swap screen time for real-time, today and tomorrow.

By creating a sanctuary from our digital onslaught, The Offline Club seeks to rekindle the core human need for direct, meaningful connection and introspection, emphasizing the importance of personal interaction in an overly virtual world.

Despite the convenience and connectivity offered by digital technology, there is a growing recognition of its drawbacks, including diminished face-to-face interaction and increased digital fatigue. The Offline Club is not only practical but also enjoyable, allowing individuals to rediscover the joys of in-person communication and shared experiences.

Maybe there will be an Offline Club in your neighbourhood too, soon.

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