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Today's Good News

Thursday's eclectic global collection of bite-sized chunks of upbeat news stories.

Icelandic beach aerial view
Credit: Ignacio Medem/Siena Photo Awards
Icelandic Beach

On Icelandic beaches, the sand turns black due to the erosion of lava remnants. The contrast between the white foam and the black sand creates stunning compositions, as evidenced by this extraordinary photo by Ignacio Medem in the Siena Drone Photo Awards - showcasing the world's best drone photography. Keep an eye out for OGN's Sunday Magazine where more of this year's finalists will be revealed.

Strange But True

A former mayor of Rio de Janeiro was "caught with his pants down" after joining an online council meeting from a toilet, said the Daily Mail. Now-viral video footage shows Cesar Maia sitting on the loo before realising that his "badly placed laptop camera" is capturing "more than intended". The clip then cuts to the session's leader, Pablo Mello, who is "barely able to stop himself laughing" as it becomes clear that Maia has "other matters to attend to". As the 78-year-old councillor struggles to adjust his laptop, Mello pleads for him to "turn off the camera, please". OGN will spare you the video footage!


Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed oral insulin drops that could replace injections for people with diabetes. In the works for three years, the drops are placed under the tongue and absorbed into the body, eliminating the need for needles.

Queens Park Ladies football team
Credit: Queens Park Ladies/ Facebook
The Invincibles

On the pitches of Bournemouth, England, a girls team in the under-12 soccer league dominated their opponents. So when they got promoted to a higher division made up of all boys teams, coach Toby Green figured, why not give it a go? “I didn’t think much of it, because I’ve always played against the boys,” Olivia Green, a team captain for the Queen Park Ladies, told ABC News of her coach-slash-dad’s suggestion. “And I thought we could win.” Turns out, Olivia was spot on. The team not only won the league this year, but also went completely undefeated. With an unstoppable record, they earned the nickname “the Invincibles.” “Some of the boys were laughing when they first played us,” Olivia said, adding, “It felt good to show them we could be as good as them.” Now, the girls don’t have a problem with opponents taking them seriously. As one of the players on a boys team said, “They’re the best in the league easily.”

Good Bones

A pre-Revolutionary War home in Massachusetts, dating from 1669, is believed to be the oldest house on the market in the U.S. Take a tour...

American Flamingo wading through water
American Flamingo.
American Flamingo

After decades of dwindling numbers due to habitat degradation and poaching in the southern portion of Florida’s Everglades National Park, the native flamingo population is returning and thriving once again. The flamingo renaissance is due in large part to the conservation and restoration efforts of the National Park Service, which worked for over 20 years to restore water flow in one of the world’s largest collective ecosystem restoration projects. As little as fifteen years ago, there were only six or seven flamingo sightings a year. This year, there were hundreds of sightings in just a few days at the beginning of their migratory return.

A Good Tipping Point

The world has reached a monumental tipping point, and this one is good! According to new data estimates from BloombergNEF, global carbon dioxide emissions are starting to fall for the first time since the start of the Industrial Revolution. The data aligns with projections made by Climate Analytics last November that 2023 was the year of peak emissions, led by the explosive growth of renewable energy capacity.

Cardoso Island, Brazil
Former fisherman on Cardoso Island
A Brazilian First

For the first time in Brazil, a traditional community is managing and operating visitor facilities inside a state conservation unit. The Caiçaras, a traditional fishing peoples, of Cardoso Island have lived in what is today Ilha do Cardoso State Park since the 19th century. A year ago they won a landmark court decision that found it was unconstitutional to bar them from bidding, given that it was on their territory. In a public-community partnership with the São Paulo state government, the community mow formally manages accommodation services for visitors, cafeterias, education trails, a crafts shop, and a visitors’ centre. The further good news is that history shows us that​’​s good news for the planet and for people.


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King Edward III of England and King Ferdinand I of Portugal.

13 June 1373: Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Perpetual Alliance (world's oldest still in existence) signed in London between King Edward III of England and King Ferdinand I of Portugal.

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