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Today's Good News

Summary of today's most uplifting news stories from around the world.

Robert Hale Jr. gives $1,000 to each student
Robert Hale Jr.
Two $500 Envelopes

During last week’s University of Massachusetts Dartmouth graduation ceremony, jubilant students left with more than just their diplomas in hand. During Robert Hale's address, he surprised the 1,200 undergraduates with $1,000 each. There was just one condition: They had to give half of it away. During Hale’s address, the billionaire philanthropist said that one of his “greatest joys” has “been the gift of giving.” He then proceeded to inform the graduates that they would be receiving two envelopes, both with $500 inside - one to keep and one to pass on to someone in need or a charitable organization. “These trying times have heightened the need for sharing, caring, and giving,” Hale said. “Our community needs you and your generosity more than ever.”

New French stamp featuring a baguette
New French stamp comes with cultural aroma

France is really going all out for the Olympics, ensuring every tiny detail is perfect for the occasion. Right down to the stamps visitors will be using to send postcards home to loved ones. La Poste, the nation's national postal service, has put a brand-new stamp in circulation that features a drawing of a baguette - bread so central to French culture that it made its way onto UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. And while the drawing is lovely, that's not the best part. This stamp is a full scratch-and-sniff experience, making it smell just like the freshly baked version, ensuring whoever gets your letter will be seething with jealousy once they get a whiff.

The End is Nigh

Effectively signalling an end to the US coal industry, the Bureau of Land Management just announced it would end all new coal leasing in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana. The federal agency’s latest study found that new leases would have “significant impacts on human health and the climate.” Environmentalists celebrated the decision, saying it would result in six billion tons of “highly polluting coal” staying in the ground.

Girl standing beside a swimming pool
Credit: Swimply
Dream Job?

The ‘Airbnb of Pools’ is offering a dream summer job for one lucky and talented content creator: make video reviews of pools in all fifty states and earn up to $100k. Swimply is an agency that specializes in neighborhood-driven rental markets of pools, hot tubs and other spaces for events and generally chilling out. With an already enormous list of locations across America, they need one expert ‘Chief Pools Officer’ to review them. Over 18 and tempted? Click here

Pyramids of Giza

One Mystery Solved

Myriad mysteries surround the ancient pyramids in Egypt, but scientists believe one is now solved. Researchers have detected a long-buried branch of the Nile River that may have been used for transporting construction materials. Amongst the team's research tools, they used satellite remote sensing which provided the “unique ability to penetrate the ground and produce images of hidden paleo-rivers and structures,” according to the study. Although archaeologists have suspected that ancient Egyptians had access to a waterway that carried the stones needed to build the monuments, up until now, “nobody was certain of the location,” said lead author Eman Ghoneim. She added: “Our research offers the first map of one of the main ancient branches of the Nile at such a large scale and links it with the largest pyramid fields of Egypt.” And the discovery could help unlock other secrets of Egypt’s past, as well.

saguaro cactus flowers
Credit: National Park Service/Saguaro National Park
Blink And You Miss It

Although saguaro cactus flowers bloom for less than 24 hours, they make the most of their time by emitting a sweet nectar to attract multiple species of bats, according to the National Park Service, who posted the image under the headline: “Bloom, there it is!” After the bats “feast on the flower nectar,” they help pollinate the cactus and, in return, spread the saguaro seeds across the desert.

Fish Stocks Recovery

The most recent statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provide good news for marine conservationists and seafood fans alike: the number of fish species on the US government’s overfishing list has reached a new low, indicating the health of American fisheries. According to NOAA’s annual 'Status of the Stocks' report, a healthy 94 percent of fish stocks are now considered free of overfishing. NOAA emphasised the importance of this milestone, saying, “By ending overfishing and rebuilding stocks, we are strengthening the value of US fisheries to the economy, our communities, and marine ecosystems.”


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