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Wednesday's Good News

Some tasty bite-sized chunks of positive news to perk up the day.

Lascaux prehistoric rock paintings
Prehistoric 'thumbs up'
Prehistoric "Like"

They’re calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime” discovery: Archaeologists conducting periodic cleaning and conservation of the famous Lascaux prehistoric rock paintings near the village of Montignac in Southern France stumbled upon what they say is the earliest evidence of a “like” in a previously unexplored section of the cave. Overshadowed for decades due to its placement near a particularly gruesome depiction of an epic battle with a bison, the wall of five rudimentary thumbs-up gestures (and two thumbs down) puts the “like” symbol at the heart of the Upper Paleolithic period, predating the advent of social media by approximately 17,000 years. If only it was true! Definitely the best April Fools' hoax spotted by OGN!

Dog covered in sugar buffs
Before and after | Heather Hunt via SWNS
So Busted!

A guilty pup was left covered with sugar puffs after she ripped open a cereal box. The hilarious moment was caught on camera by owner Heather Hunt coming home to discover Crumpet, her two-year-old Zuchon, completely covered from head to toe. “For the love of God! Who left the cereal cupboard open?” exclaimed the 51-year-old as she arrived on the scene of the crime. Getting it out of Crumpet’s fur proved impossible.“I tried to wet them but it just turned them into wallpaper paste. When I finally decided to take her to the groomers, it took them them nearly three hours to wash her, cut all of the cereal out and make her look like a dog again - a completely different dog!”

Moonrise in Canada’s frozen North
The Moon over Canada’s Nunavut province | Paul Goldstein

A British photographer has captured some exquisite pictures of a moonrise in Canada’s frozen North. Paul Goldstein - who shares his pics on Instagram - took a morning trek in -35 degree temperatures last week in Canada’s Nunavut province. “This far north, the moon barely sets at this time of year. It is cold even for the Inuits.”

April 1 Tweet

Zack Stentz @MuseZack: Happy "the one day of the year when people treat the things they read on the Internet with an appropriate amount of skepticism" day!

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia.
End in Sight

La Sagrada Familia Foundation has announced that the monumental church in Barcelona is set for completion in 2026, 100 years after the death of its architect Antoni Gaudí. Work on the Sagrada Familia began in 1882 and was led by Gaudí until his passing in 1926. Now, after more than 140 years, a final completion date has been announced. "The Chapel of the Assumption is expected to be finished in 2025 and the tower of Jesus Christ in 2026," La Sagrada Familia Foundation told news site CNN.Gaudí designed the huge church to be topped with 18 spires, 12 of which are now complete. The final six towers are currently under construction including the 170-metre-high central spire, which on completion will make Sagrada Familia the tallest church in the world, rising almost 10 metres higher than Ulm Minster in Germany.

cosmic jet bursting from a cloud of gas and dust
A cosmic jet bursting from a cloud of gas and dust
A Star is Born

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an awe-inspiring image of a cosmic jet bursting from a cloud of gas and dust, marking the dramatic entrance of a newborn star into the universe. This observation was made as Hubble focused on FS Tau, a young multi-star system, roughly 450 light-years away from Earth. This area is a cradle of star formation, filled with dark, dense molecular clouds that are birthing grounds for newborn stars and their more mature counterparts.

Fusion Record

Scientists in South Korea have announced a new world record for the length of time they sustained temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius - seven times hotter than the sun’s core - during a nuclear fusion experiment, in what they say is an important step forward for this futuristic energy technology. Nuclear fusion seeks to replicate the reaction that makes the sun and other stars shine, by fusing together two atoms to unleash huge amounts of energy. Often referred to as the holy grail of climate solutions clean energy, fusion has the potential to provide limitless energy without planet-warming carbon pollution. So, all progress is good news.


"Spring’s greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out." Edgar Guest

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Original Motorola cellphone

3 April 1973: The first handheld mobile telephone call was made by an employee of Motorola, who called AT&T's Bell Laboratories.


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