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Trump's MAGA Flock Now Has Its Own Shopping Site

The website describes itself as somewhere 'freedom loving Americans' can be connected to businesses that share their values. However, it's not known whether if you order now, purchases will arrive in time for the weekend!

MAGA Cap | Unsplash

Sophia Cai of Axios observes that the platform is where like-minded conservatives can snub what they see as "leftist" businesses and buy things "from people who respect life, family and freedom."

The platform - PublicSquare - is backed by investors that include Donald Trump Jr. and his fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle and invites the MAGA crowd to "start shopping your values today" and "ditch the woke brands." It's part of a backlash to what many conservatives see as companies promoting progressive social agendas. How awful!

Unsurprisingly, the site features guns, ammunition and lots of shooting accessories, like rifle-adorned onesies and hair scrunchies with pistol patterns that are sold by a brand called Moms Who Carry. Of course, there's also a vast array of MAGA caps too. But, rather surprisingly, the site also sells coffee from a company called COVFEFE (offering Drain the Swamp Medium Roast and MAGA Dark Roast), inspired by that odd late-night tweet by Donald Trump.

In the annals of Trumpian tweeting, little compares to the hilarity of what appeared on his feed at 12:06 a.m. on 31 May 2017: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Seconds passed, then minutes, then an hour, then six hours, with no word from the White House on whether Trump was okay, or even alive. Surely it was a typo, or a tweet published errantly - but what if it was the sign of something more sinister? asked The Atlantic. The speculation was furious, and so was the snark. (No meme was left unsummoned, from “Stop trying to make covfefe happen” to “Hold my covfefe” to “Ask your doctor if covfefe is right for you” to “#covfefe: when you get tricked into emailing the nuclear password to that Nigerian prince.”)

Axios reports that many of the more popular products sold on PublicSquare tap into conservative Republicans' social agenda: Everylife Diapers, advertised as the product of the seller's partnership with pro-life organizations, are pitched as alternatives to Huggies; Faith Friends Dolls are touted as a "Christian alternative" to 18-inch American Girl dolls that don't "indoctrinate your children with harmful gender ideology" or "inappropriate style."

Happy shopping!


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