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Trump Voter Fraud Hotline Shut Down

Trump's people set up a hotline to report voter fraud, it got flooded with prank calls, and it had to be shut down. Of course that happened. Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers.

It shouldn't be a surprise the phone line was flooded with fake calls. And while Eric Trump suggested the Democratic National Committee was somehow behind the pranks, more than 77 million people voted against his father. It makes sense that a fair number of those people are going to mock the effort to gin up evidence of voter fraud. 

Let's be clear here: widespread voter fraud does not exist. It's an idea invented and weaponized by Trump and others in the GOP to try to invalidate results they don't like.


In short: The election is not getting overturned. President-elect Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump handily, and his margins in key states - Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin - are almost certainly too wide to be overturned. To win, Trump would need to magically flip multiple states. 

That's why the whole voter fraud hotline thing is so crazy. It's a last-gasp effort to call legit results into question, and a convenient direction to point Trump supporters' anger after their candidate lost. 

The Trump team even went as far as to set up a conference room dedicated to the hotline before they had to shut it down on Friday, according to CNN.

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