UK Hydrogen Car

Welsh company, Riversimple, aims to start 'selling' its two-seater city car by 2023. Frankly, it's not a thing of great beauty but OGN supports any new mode of transport that produces zero harmful emissions.

Riversimple - the brainchild of entrepreneur Hugo Spowers - has developed a two-seater hydrogen fuel cell car named the Rasa, Latin for “clean slate”. The car is aimed at city dwellers and boasts a top speed of 60mph. After more than a decade in development, the Rasa is nearing its entry into the consumer car market. Mr Spowers believes hydrogen will form part of a number of solutions that will meet the needs of the modern-day driver.

The former motorsport exec added that he was planning to come to the market within the next three years and that the “cost of ownership” would match that of a bottom of the range diesel Golf.

The Welsh company’s business model differs to that of traditional car manufacturers in that customers will not buy the cars but rather pay a monthly fee. This covers everything from car use and maintenance to fuel and insurance.

Riversimple said its model encourages it to make the cars as renewable as possible as, once a customer’s contract expires, the Rasa is returned to the company and then offered to the next customer.


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