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Ukraine Chooses its 2023 Eurovision Entry

Ukraine has chosen its entry for next year's Eurovision song contest after shortlisted acts performed in an underground bunker as the Russian assault continued above.

Electro outfit Tvorchi selected for Eurovision 2023
Credit: Eurovision Ukraine

Electro outfit Tvorchi were selected to represent the country in 2023 by a combination of judges and the public.

The kitsch musical competition has taken on a far greater significance in the face of Europe's biggest land war since the WW II, with Ukrainians buoyed by the victory of the nation's entry, Kalush Orchestra, earlier this year in Turin, Italy. The win earned Ukraine the right to host the 2023 competition - but, due to Mad Vlad's ongoing 'special military operation', it will instead be held in Liverpool, England, in May next year.

The selection for Ukraine's entry was broadcast live from a metro station in Kyiv, which doubles as a bomb shelter.

Ten acts made it through to the final round out of 289 entrants.

Want to hear the song? Here it is...


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