US Set to Rejoin the Paris Agreement

Perhaps the biggest victor in last week’s elections was the climate.

Last week that began with the US formally withdrawing from the Paris Agreement (courtesy of climate denier Donald Trump's edict), ended in victory for a candidate who promised to rejoin the treaty and get serious about addressing the climate crisis.

Friends of the Earth said Biden’s victory “offers a glimmer of hope” for addressing the climate crisis. “Campaigning on the strongest climate change platform in presidential history, president-elect Biden now has a mandate to take bold action on climate change,” said the charity’s Erich Pica.

The US, the world’s second biggest CO2 emitter (after China), rejoining the Paris agreement will inject fresh impetus into the race to net zero.

Biden has promised a $2 trillion investment in green energy. This gives greater hope to everyone on earth! The EU is serious, America is now back on track, and even China has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2060. Things are looking up.